What is E-Institution ?

With the developing technology, all of our public institutions and organizations have started to rapidly increase service standards and quality with e-transformation and e-government projects. Institutions are working fast to ensure that their services and works are fast, accurate, questionable and citizen oriented. To achieve this goal, the use of integrated and high-level information technologies is required. The E-Enterprise application provides an integrated integrated solution on the citizen side with the management information system.

Citizen benefits of e-Institution application;

  • Citizens can make transactions 24/7 via the portal.
  • The citizen is instantly informed of all activities, news, events and announcements of the institution.
  • Legislation, Tender, Activity report and so on. pages.
  • Citizen can access the current E-Directory records via the portal. Real or legal persons can register themselves in the E-Directory records so that anyone accessing the portal can access them.

Citizen Member;

  • It can benefit from the Law on Access to Information, communicate directly with the organization, and saves time through process monitoring.
  • Complaints, applications and so on. needs in writing to the corporate management. Their feedback can be provided by electronic means or other information tools upon request.
  • The organization's activities, news, announcements and so on. Activities are provided to the citizen via e-mail or SMS.
  • With the E-Appointment module, it is ensured that the citizens make an appointment with the personnel of the institution. It is ensured that the appointments made by the managers are directed to the related person.
  • Participate in the surveys prepared for the services provided by the institution and observe the results of the survey.
  • Information about every transaction requested on the portal can be followed in the "My Personal Page" section. For example; Such as the registration and response of the complaint.
  • Portal view can be changed by the user instantly thanks to theme support.

Benefits of e-Institution application for administration;

  • Using the portal member system, registered memberships are created. Since the created membership is verified through Mernis KPS (Identity Sharing System), unnecessary data flow traffic for the organization is prevented.
  • Each page belonging to the corporate units in the portal can be managed by the relevant units in the units. It does not require any training or programming knowledge.
  • Institutions / Units may publish as many news, events and announcements as they wish and remove them from any publication.
  • E-Bulletin can be created to inform the citizen quickly and effectively (News - Announcement - Event, etc.).
  • E-Appointment requests can be immediately evaluated, rejected or forwarded by the unit employees and managers.
  • Photos, videos and so on. documents are submitted to the citizen. You can also create video gallery and photo gallery.
  • The decisions of the administrator or institution can be published through the portal without any action.
  • White table requests (Complaints, Suggestions and Requests) are automatically directed to the person concerned and quick return is provided to the citizen. This allows citizens to increase their confidence and satisfaction.
  • The Authority may submit the E-Directory records to the service of the citizen.
  • The Authority may publish the procurement and procurement announcements directly from the tender automation directly on the website, or provide information to the citizen or tenderer.
  • From the portal management module, the organization, Unit Information, Project, Activity Report etc. included in the portal template will be displayed. customize menus and pages that contain information or make additions.