What is Kamu24 Web-Based Management Information System?

It is an advanced integrated system; it provides the implementation of some processes while performing the authorization and duty of local management which they charged according to applicable law.

  • It has been developed by using the latest technologic infrastructure.
  • The software based on Multitier (N-Tier) Architecture.
  • The software works on popular database systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Progress, Informix etc. and it is also database independent application.
  • It has SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) thus it has chance to communicate and integrated work both with other local institutions and other independent applications.
  • Application user-role definitions and permissions can be created by System management, every user who has a process (on the basis of records) log can be recorded.
  • Users or citizens interact with all of your applications can be provided with Sms service.
  • It is provided to retrieve the identification data and verification of it via KPS (Identity Sharing System) connection.
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is designed to integrate with two-way runs. There is no need for any application or messaging server between GIS and automation.
  • MThe reports of document templates which are specified by Local Government Expenditure and other relevant legislation can be generated by using any report system (Doc-x, Xls-x, Pdf, HTML, Xml).
  • It is designed in modular structure and single application provides access to all modules.
  • Implementation stages of the user's actions pass the bug and inspection control stage and the user is warned against any possible error cases.

Rapid reform and changes in our country leads to significant changes in legislation. Any changes in software cause the significant wasting of time and breakdown of transactions. Such failures are eliminated in Kamu24 project just because the system is designed to 7/24 running logic and can be managed from single center.

  • Under favor of intelligent coding structure, your institute’s IT personnel can be easily adapted to system. Only 2 weeks training is enough for this.
  • The automation is designed as web-based application therefore any extra installation process does not require for clients.
  • Significantly saves time and costs.
  • Saves extra networking costs for dispersed institutions.
  • Location-independent working

    Client may work on Kamu24 management information system by using terminal even if it is inside or outside the institution, thus it prevents loss of work if client’s terminal broken-down.

  • Data exchanging with the ability of communication through e-government applications

    You can save your time by the ability of communication between the other institutions’ applications. For example, send tender document directly to the KIK platform for procurement notice.

  • Low cost

    You can run the application by using a standard simple computer which has internet connection. You don’t have to buy new hardware for this. The application provides the user to create the budget and the accounting records of the institution and also synchronizes these between all departments.