What is the Mernis24?

Mernis24 is a sophisticated, integrated system which authorized institutes can manage to preparing, taking print out and archiving the all documents about marrying off process, in an electronic environment. In the mean time, it provides to retrieve the identification data and verification of it via KPS (Identity Sharing System) connection.

Who can use it?

Municipality Marriage Offices, Provincial and County Directorate of Population, Consulates, headmen and other authorized organizations can use the system.

Legislation Eligibility

Mernis24 Marriage Software is developed in accordance with Turkish Civil Code, Marriage Regulation, Ministry of Internal Affairs Population and Citizenship Affairs Department circulars, notification and the provisions of the legislation.

Marriage types at Mernis24 System;
  • Normal marriage
  • Marriage with foreign woman
  • Marriage with foreign man
  • According to the Amnesty Law Marriage
Types of reports at Mernis24 System;
  • Marriage Notice
  • Declaration of Marriage and Authorization Certificate
  • Medical Certificate (Man and Woman)
  • Copy of Identification Card (Man and Woman)
  • Marital property Application Form
  • Marriage Statistics Form
  • Maiden Name Petition
  • The Form Regarding the Bloodline Establishment with Marriage
  • Marriage Speech Text
  • Printed papers and documents
  • Other reports and documents
Security and hosting services at web site;

Our site uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificates. The hosting service is given by our won servers. (The 128-bit SSL gives you the highest level of protection possible whenever you use credit cards or make other financial or confidential transactions over the Internet.)

Update operations at web site;

The system runs at web so user does not need to do any update operation. The most recent laws, regulations and documents relevant to notifications and transaction process is continuously kept up to date for all system users.

Preservation of the documents at web site;

The system generates the reports and documents by using word processing technique. Thus you can save the reports and documents into the computer that you use. The system gives you the possibility of saving information in to computer that you use because the tender reports are generated by word processing technique. Also, the institutions can store whole database information into their own computer if they wish.

Using at out of working hours?

Our system is web-based and our servers are running 7/24 hours and service is provided by our authorized security personnel.

Do you have expert staff to answer our questions and problems about legislation and usage of program at system? can help you to manage the whole marriage process. You can ask your question both by calling directly our helpdesk lines and by sending instant message through web-site so you get informed by our expert staff.

Will Institution pay extra fee for site updates and renewals of procurement law etc.?

System works on annual subscription and rental discipline, so 7/24 system usage, update service, online support and expert support are included in your contract.

Is it possible for institution users to communicate with each other at system?

If user can get or post messages by choosing “Get Private Message” option while create their account. Furthermore, users can benefit from the forum section which both inter-agency and our company and expert staffs are attending to.