Analytical Budget & Accounting Module

Budget and accounting software programs must satisfy some criteria according to regulations which public institutions must implement in consistency with Public Financial Management and Control Law.

Kamu24 creates budget & accounting records of public institutions and performs transactions between all of their units in an integrated way.

Multi-year budgeting approach and parametric structure according to the criteria given by the ministry allows you to quickly prepare your budget. In addition, evaluation and final budget reports are produced automatically by the system. Integration with accounting program feature enters your budget in to accounts with one click and your allowance is ready to use.

You can see account balance during record entry on the same screen dynamically. It warns you if there is expenditure in excess of budget or accounts and prevent you from making mistakes.

You can open sub codes of the chart of accounts based on budget sub codes within few seconds. It prevents you from using wrong budget code in your operations. If you want, you can get Mail-Order, delivery warrant or check without any operation.

It takes only 3-5 minutes to complete passing operations for next year. You do not need any information or document, system will do it automatically.

You can perform reflections and appropriation calculations according to order of payment and accounting transaction slip information during record entry without wasting time with one click.

Data loss as a result of hardware based problems or power cut is prevented by providing row based protection. Besides, you can backup data quickly.