Civil Servant Payroll Module

Our Software is designed to be parametric structure in consistency with the Civil Servants Law No. 657. All possible modification can be easily applied on module by institution staff. User defined or flexible reports can be prepared. To do this, programming knowledge or complex formula knowledge is not required.

It works integrated with accounting program. After payroll is prepared, order of payment can be taken to document independently or information can be transferred to accounting module with one click.

Briefly module features and some of report lists;
  • Personal Lists
  • Payroll
  • Difference Payroll
  • Personal Payment Lists
  • Personal Payment Summary Reports
  • Income Lists
  • Deduction Lists
  • Bank Payment Lists
  • Legal Deduction Lists
  • Income Tax, Stamp Tax Lists
  • Drug contribution Lists
  • Union Lists
  • Execution Deduction Lists
  • Order of Payment Lists
  • Minimal Tax Discount Report
  • Special Tax Discount Reports
  • Pension Fund Reports
  • User Defined Reports
  • Income and Deduction Reports in between two periods
  • Define Additional Income/Deduction
  • Parameterized structure
  • Transfer parameters, income and deduction info to next months.
  • Self-driven accounting
  • Auto-Order of Payment Paper
  • Integrated or stand-alone working
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Auto - Difference Calculation
  • Salary of Mayor, Attendance Fee of Town Council and Municipality Council Members Calculations
  • 3/2 Salary Calculation
  • 3/1 Salary Calculation
  • 3/2 Salary of Mayor Calculation
  • Special Tax Discount