Electronic counter measure process of municipality;
  • Personal read the information of final index of counter then leaves notification slip for the taxpayer.
  • Calculation process is done instantly on the handheld terminal thus significant time saved.
  • Relevant department personnel are informed about defective counter just because the information loaded at handheld terminal already.
  • Handheld terminal has advanced query features.
  • The information is loaded to institution’s database via RS-232 or GPRS; it depends on the model and type of terminal machine. Thus water assessment records will be generated.
  • Transferring process can be done by specific subscriber interval or other criteria.
  • The handheld terminal printer uses thermal printing method thus notification slip is taken out in very short period.
  • The handheld terminal has resistant to impact and falls, and it has widespread service network so there is no shortage of spare parts.
Device Features
  • Frequency : NB-433Mhz (8318); SS-2.4Ghz(8350)
  • Bluetooth Class1 (8660); IEEE-802.11b (8370)
  • Distance up to 200 m. (8310); up to 250 m. (8360,8370); up to 1000 m. (8350)
  • 4~6 channel auto-switching architecture
  • A network connection up to a 16-Base and 99 terminal
  • Presentation with laser or linear image
  • 24 or 39 keypad options
  • Ideal for mild or Heavy Duty Applications
  • IP 65
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