Chattel Module

The institutions which subject to 5018 public financial management and control statute implement the chattel procedures. These are the automation features and paper to be taken, tabulated form and vouchers which are prepared on these statutes by us.

Features :
  • Every authorized staff of institute can work by using their own screen on the same program at the same time under favor of unlimited hutch coding.
  • Studying at distributed structure option
  • Barcode support
  • Possibility of flexible conversion between measurements like package, unit, meter etc.
  • Incoming Chattel request papers from every department receive to chattel control staff through an electronic environment
  • Updating or an extra process does not need during end of year changeover just because it has done automatically
  • User can make unbound coding from code list on Inventory / Chattel Code card if he/she wishes. This code depends on chattel reference coding therefore it will be reflect to registries and tabulated forms through the criteria of government
  • Effective inventory method supplied by defining the minimum – maximum inventory amount on Inventory / Chattel Code card
  • The processes like input, output, debit etc. are automatically reflected to tabulated form, registry and documents
Registries :
  • Registry of Consumption Materials (Example: 1)
  • Registry of Run Proof Chattel (Example: 2)
  • Registry of Museum (Example: 3)
  • Registry of Library (Example: 4)
Document and Rulers:
  • Chattel Process Receipt (Example: 5; 5/A)
  • Debit Slip (Example: 6; 6/A)
  • Chattel Request Voucher (Example: 7)
  • List of Run Proof Chattel (Example: 8)
  • Chattel Impermanent Acknowledgement of Receipt (Example: 9)
  • Dropping From Registry, Bidder and Approval Record (Example: 10)
  • Hutch Take-Over Record (Example: 11)
  • Inventory Record (Example: 12)
  • Tabulated Form of Inventory and List of The Chattel (Example: 13)
  • Tabulated Form of Chattel Management Account of Expenditure Unit (Example: 14)
  • Tabulated Form of Chattel Account (Example: 15)
  • Tabulated Form of Chattel Absolute Account (Example: 16)
  • Summary Table of Chattel Absolute Account (Example: 17)
  • Tabulated Form of Museum/Library Management Account (Example: 18)