The reform efforts in our country, cause rapid developing and spreading method of technology and also bring innovations together. E-municipality is an integrated system which can be used as one to one and first-hand. The system handles the interactions of every kind of activities between citizens, businesses, public employees and other related departments of government on the electronic environment. E-municipality provides many benefits;

  • Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in public administration
  • Creating citizens with higher level of knowledge
  • Equal access for everyone
  • Integrated network
  • High quality and rich information
  • Improved ease of service
  • Development of business-industry-government interaction
  • Cost saving
  • Productivity and income growth
  • Fight against bribery and corruption in government ranks
  • More transparency and ease of access to government units

The realization of these benefits depends on creation of factors and activities like simplification, standardization, access, communication, speed, privacy, trust, events, resource procurement etc. Citizens can reach the information of estate tax, sanitation tax and other debts and then can do the transactions of payment processes by logging in to the system 7/24 hours with their own accounts. Besides, the institution can interact with citizens by defining any section into e-municipality module.

  • Tender announcements
  • Tax debts
  • Statement information of estate and sanitation taxes
  • Real estate summary info
  • Decisions of municipality council
  • 7/24 online payment
  • Interaction of institute/citizen can be provided.
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