Civil Servant Personal Rights

Civil Servant Personnel Right module is developed in accord with the Civil Servant Law, No 657.

Detailed information about Civil Servant;
  • Information of personal record
  • Information of service
  • Information of business allowance
  • Information of administrative leave
  • Information of sick leave day
  • Information of degree of cadre etc.
by saving all of this user may prepare the reports, tabulated forms and declarations which are listed below;
  • Declaration of family allowance
  • Minimum tax reduction
  • Lists of personal info
  • Medical examination form
  • Patient demand of dental examination
  • Administrative leave request form
  • Tabulated form of civil servant cadre
  • Declaration of property
  • Administrative leave request and control reports
  • Administrative leave registry
  • Domestic nonpermanent business allowance
  • Domestic permanent business allowance
  • Reports of promotion info
  • Reports of Retirement
  • Reports of bonus personal record info
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