Which administrations does public tender law include?

  • Departments included in the general budget, annexed budget, special provincial administrations and municipalities and their related revolving funds organizations, associations, legal entities.
  • (Amendment: 4964/Article1) State economic enterprises, consisting of public corporations and state economic establishments.
  • (Amendment: 4964/Article1) Social security establishments, funds, entities of legal personalities that are established in accordance with private laws and that are assigned with public duties (except for professional organizations and foundation institutions of higher education) and establishments with independent budgets.
  • (Amendment: 4761) Any institutions, organizations, associations, enterprises and corporations which more than half of their capitals, directly or indirectly, together or separately are owned by those stated in items (a), (b) and (c).

Which tender can be made at Kik24.com ?

  • Procurement of Goods, Construction, Service and Consultancy tenders can be done through automation as long as they accordant with Open Tender procedure, Restricted procedure and Negotiated procedure.

How does security and hosting services provide at Kik24.com ?

  • Our site uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificates. The hosting service is given by our won servers. (The 128-bit SSL gives you the highest level of protection possible whenever you use credit cards or make other financial or confidential transactions over the Internet.)

How does update operations do ?

  • The system runs at web so user does not need to do any update operation. The most recent laws, regulations and documents relevant to notifications and transaction process is continuously kept up to date for all system users.

Can we take site data in to our own computer ?

  • The system gives you the possibility of saving information in to computer that you use because the tender reports are generated by word processing technique. Also, the institutions can store whole database information into their own computer if they wish.

Does Kik24.com web-site serve only automation service? Does it have expert staffs to support for our questions and problems about legislation or tender process ?

  • Kik24.com site allow you to manage the whole process. You can ask your questions to our experts and then kept informed about solutions both via our support line and via through the site.

Which educational materials does Kik24.com have ?

  • There are lots of educational help documents and videos about usage of whole site. You can watch the training videos as much as you want.

Is it possible to see the published decisions of Public Procurement Authority and make query inside them at Kik24.com ?

  • Of course yes. All decisions are loaded inside our site and you can make detailed query. And also the new decisions of Public Procurement Authority are entered into our site immediately by our system operators.

Can we make query about banned people or firms at Kik24.com ?

  • Yes. For this, you don’t need to enter any information. Our operators add quickly whenever KIK published into system.

Can we use Kik24.com at out of working hours?

  • Of course yes. Our system is web-based and our servers are running 7/24 hours and service is provided by our authorized security personnel.

Will Institution pay extra fee for site updates and renewals of procurement law?

  • System works on annual subscription and rental discipline, so 7/24 system usage, update service, online support and expert support are included in your contract.

Is there any chat-room or something like forum for institution users to communicate each other?

  • If user can get or post messages by choosing “Get Private Message” option while create their account. Furthermore, users can benefit from the forum section which both inter-agency and our company and expert staffs are attending to.