Personal Control System


Installation and working principle of fingerprinted personnel control system have been reduced to very simple logic. The device is plugged in to computer via RS-232 or Ethernet by using special data cable after mounting. PCS software which is developed by our programmers, and it is continuously updated by requests has installed to one of computer in institution. Program parameters are arranged according to Institution’s business hours and criminal withholding and then institution’s personnel is trained about how to change parameter when it is needed.

Fingerprints of admin and supervisor are defined first into fingerprint terminal then admin or supervisor can define the fingerprints of other personnel, and can add new personnel and can define authorization for them. When personnel leave the work, his/her record can be deleted.


Personnel submit their entrance and exit by touching their finger to the fingerprint device. Then device catches the fingerprint id and start matching through records, when it finished matching it reports the result both audible and visual. The user who uses the PCS software can take the print out of entrance-exit reports and scoring calculations.

Nowadays, the fingerprint systems are being exact answer for the most trustful and usable system.

Fingerprint system? Card pass system?
  • In fingerprint system, personnel do not carry card and do not have to keep in mind their password, do not have to show effort for anything, because personnel’s card, password or ID are coded at his/her fingerprint already.
  • There exists possibility to forget the pass card at somewhere or loose and also card will wear out at a particular time. But at fingerprint system there is no any possibility to forget fingerprint.
  • It is obvious that person can use the pass card for absent fellow, but it is impossible at fingerprint system.

It is possible to further increase the advantages.

  • Person-based entrance-exit reports
  • General-based entrance-exit reports
  • Person-based tardiness reports
  • General-based tardiness reports
  • Person-based early exit reports
  • General-based early exit reports
  • Overtime reports
  • Unattended personnel reports
  • Person-based payroll
  • List of advances
  • Wage packet
  • Reports of those who forgot to use card
  • Entrance-exit transaction of manually intervened
  • Employment entrant reports
  • Reports of those who quit the work
  • Reports of those who works at holidays
  • Reports of personnel who are granted leave of absence
  • Reports of typed in scoreboard
  • Monthly attendance chart
  • General-based payroll
  • Premium list