Matrimonial MERNIS Module

Mernis module is created by considering the parametric structure just like exist in whole automation. Some constant variables like state/area coding are defined already but modification can be done by user. Reporting software is developed by us which user can convert, save or take output to the external environment (Excel, Word, PDF, image etc.) and also can reuse later.

Common information entry is implemented by using Marriage Information Entry then all reports became ready from this moment user just have to decide how many print out should be taken.

Dedication of places like wedding ceremony hall which belong to institution can be dedicated to citizen via automation thus, duplicated dedication transactions will be prevented.

Definition, information entry and reporting which are exist in Mernis Marriage Module are listed below.

  • Common Definitions
  • Religion Codes
  • Location Codes
  • Marital Status Codes
  • Education Codes
  • Profession information Codes
  • Social Security Institutions codes
  • Marriage Type Codes
  • Marriage Location Codes
  • Dedication Type Codes
  • Entries of Marriage Information
  • Entries of Dedication
  • Declaration of Mernis Marriage
  • Banns of Marriage
  • Copy of Identification Card
  • Medical Certificate
  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry
  • Marriage Statistic Form
  • Reports of marriage between two date interval
  • Reports of dedication between two date interval

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